2017 Local Elections

We have an important local election in November, 2017. This is our opportunity to elect Democrats to many local offices.

The following offices will be up for election:

County Offices:
Common Pleas Court – 2 seats
County Row Offices:
Treasurer, Controller, Clerk of Courts
and Coroner

Spring City District Judge 1 seat

School Boards: 4 year term
PASB – 4 seats
Springford – 2 seats, 1 is incumbent
Joe Ciresi (DEM)

Spring City Council – 3 seats 4 yr term

Schuylkill Twp – 2 seats 6 yr term

Auditor: 6 year term
Schuylkill 1 seat
East Pikeland – 1 seat, incumbent
Marjorie Bloen (DEM)
Spring City – 1 seat incumbent
Patricia Winner (DEM)

Tax Collector:
Schuylkill – 1
Spring City 1


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