Wear Orange June 2nd.

Stand Out.  Hunters wear Orange to avoid getting shot.  Wear Orange on June 2nd to show we are not alone in seeking a return to balanced common sense gun responsibility.

EveryTown video

The 2nd Amendment is not a suicide pact and is not even first.  It’s second to speech, press, religion, petition, and assembly. The first Americans built their state around each other – a nation of equals pursuing their interests in the public square.  Exchanging views, not blows.  Equality came from ideas, your effort, a state carefully and regularly balanced, not the barrel of a gun.

Access to deadly force should be respected; not sold as ‘everyman’s a king’, the great equalizer, the ultimate solution to conflict.  Great freedom must be balanced with equal restraint.

We’ve all seen a peddler’s wares: sugar, oil, tobacco, sharp tools, shiny stones, eye candy to animal skins. They skillfully prey upon our vanities and insecurities; but none of them wrap themselves in our Constitution like gun pushers.

The advancing power of personal weaponry has tipped the balance between self-protection and predators.  Lone wolves feasted at the Aurora Theater, Sandy Hill Elementary, the Texas Tower, etc.  This Everytown group suffered the loss a beautiful beloved child to a bullet flung by some random stranger.   How many children, police, and sad souls have been erased by the mere twitch of a finger?

Carrying a gun is not freedom, and it’s not free.


One thought on “Wear Orange June 2nd.”

  1. Thank you for standing up for common sense in relation to guns.
    We need more people speaking out. I will be wearing orange on Tuesday.


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